Iphone 6 broken screen repair prices

Get your broken or shattered Iphone 6 repaired by our experienced techs here is the list of the services and prices that we offer.

iPhone 6
Glass Replacement

(Ready in 20 mins)


Iphone 6 broken glass replacement

iPhone 6
LCD screen Replacement

(Ready in 20 mins)


Iphone 6 lcd glass replacement

iPhone 6
Premium oem Battery Repair

(Ready in 20/30 mins)


Iphone 6 battery repair

iPhone 6
Power Button

(Ready in 1 Hour aprox)


Iphone 6 power button repair

iPhone 6
Aux & ChargIng Port Repair

(Ready in 25 mins)


Iphone 6 charging port repair

iPhone 6

(Ready in 30 minutes)


Iphone 6 volume vibrate repair

iPhone 6
Front or Back Camera

(Ready in 20 mins)


Iphone 6 camera repair

iPhone 6
Back Housing


Iphone 6 back housing replacement

*Prices are subject to change and tax are not included, call us for current prices, we also have oem parts available for additional charge.

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